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Auburn Store


  Air   ATM   Bulk Lubricants   Kerosene   Mid Grade Unleaded   Premium Diesel   Premium Unleaded Gasoline Available   Propane Filling   RV Dump   Unleaded

Location Manager:
Mark Nevill

238 8th St SE
Auburn Store, WA 98002
(253) 351-6855

Location Hours:
Monday - Friday 8:00 am to 5:00 Closed Saturday and Sunday CHS Auburn Store Google+

Product & Services


Quick and convenient access to cash
Accepts most major Debit/Credit cards
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Bulk Lubricants

Top-quality lubricants with over 75 years of proven performance, guaranteed protection and dedication to serving the needs of transportation, construction and agricultural communities

• Engine Oils
• 2-Cycle Engine Oils
• Tractor Fluids
• Specialty Products
• Transmission Fluids
• Grease Products
• Gear Oils/Hydraulic Oils

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Please call for current price per gallon. Our rates are always competitive!

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Premium Diesel

Cenex fuels have been proven to go the extra mile, car after car, fleet after fleet. Our premium diesel fuel contains a specially balanced additive package, including an enhanced injector stabilizer, for a high-performance fuel that’s good for diesel-powered engines and your bottom line. Cenex fuels deliver more power for pulling heavy loads, outstanding engine protection, and smart solutions like winterized premium diesel fuel for unmatched performance in the coldest temperatures.

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Premium Unleaded

Clean Engine. Clean Air
Cenex Gasolines are formulated to keep your fuel system — and the air clean. Our quality gasoline works hard to deliver optimum engine performance. With Cenex-brand gasoline, you'll benefit from:
·         Engine Cleanliness
·         Driveability
·         Restored Power
Ask us about our Ethanol free Premium! ♦At Participating Locations
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Propane Filling

Please call for current price per gallon and for propane cylinder recertification rates

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RV Dump

With easy pull through access and a large parking area. Free to customers purchasing fuel/propane, $5 for all others.

Customers are welcome to use the RV dump station during normal business hours, year round!

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